Thursday, September 30, 2010

The need to explain things.

Im not as terrible as I sound in that post.
Only a little.
Im just tired.
Ass caress kartey raho all the time sab ki.
Im tired.
The crazy lady officially got a divorce yesterday.
Its growing on to me a little sooner than I expected.

But I kind of just realized that I am a little pompous. Just a little bit. Always finding faults in everyone like it will make my faults go away. Pata nai kis baat ki guilt hai.
I think I look really sexy after bathing at night.


Dee.Dee said...

Tis okay. People like me need to read stuff written by people like you so that our heads don't stay in the clouds and we are once again reminded of human bullshit.

Roshni said...

ass caressing is not important o.o

adnan said...

dude u really really need to get laid! bus enough said...

uzme said...

ahahahahahahahahaha...about time someone told me that.