Friday, September 17, 2010

I wake, sleep, and wake up all over again.

I wana blog but Im not happy or sad or angry.
So how do I make this interesting? life is so lifeless and shallow and stupid.
Im the only loser still blogging. I mean all my blogger friends have a life now <_<
Seriously man. Duckie is gone, Rida is gone, a number of other random people that I dont want to name because they dont know I exists and naming them would just be awkward - All gone.
Even at work...This is the chat Im having with my work mates:

Me: "Hey Lets do something tomorrow :D"

Saman: "nope Im gona parrty tomorrow with my friends at home."

Anum: "Sorry Ive got plans after work"

Me: "Oh...okay"

Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow biatch.
Come my lady, Come, Come my lady, Youre my butterfly, sugar, baby.
So...dear reader, are you just as lifeless?
University jana hai mujhey.
I think Im gona bake tomorrow.
I end this here.


quartertoinsane said...

hmm... its high time u got a life, no?

Roshni said...

can't wait to start Uni again.

Amara said...

Give baking classes. You'll have company right at home that way ^.^

RidZ said...

I miss you =(

The Me. said...

Atleast you can bake -.-