Thursday, September 23, 2010

Death* on Morons.

Disclaimer: Im not trying to defend Muslims or criticize any religion. Respect them all besides...anyway. Im just writing this one because people can be pathetic.

So I was just browsing and being lame and I came across this piece of crap and I couldnt stop laughing. You know...I understand when a kid raised in the Gaza Strip, who has received absolutely no education, saw his parents get crumble under a military tank says "Death on Infidels". Im not saying he should go ahead randomly kill twenty people but Im willing to give him a hug an talk him out of it.
But when an educated person who has lived an exceptional life says things like "Burn Quran" and "Muslim are terrorists" is just cheap. You have to have a really closed fucked up pee substance brain to have those views. There is a difference.
It doesnt make me angry or sad or anything actually. Im not the kind who would argue about things like that. I personally dont feel the need to explain to everyone in the world that Im a peace lover. But heres the thing. You Suck, You stupid stupid little creature. Your lack of ability to understand disgusts me.

Now. Why are there so many Muslim haters?
No Im not saying we're divine just generally ya know.
I never find a Hindu hater or a Christian hater or a Mormon hater. There are a few Jew haters but...I find some shitty comment against Muslim everywhere.
Is it because of 9/11? Or all the suicide bombings?
I think its because of how little everyone knows.

I dont feel like writing. The thing is. I dont know what the thing is actually.
Western people are way more conservative than we are. And NO, I dont want to host Religious discussion after this post Thank you very much. Why cant people just make peace with the fact that everyone has their own opinion? Just...let it be.


quartertoinsane said...

hahahaha... u gotta appreciate the effort, its better than most religious sites...

PS: u didnt feel like write n u wrote a whole page length blog... amazing...

uzme said...

Its a habit to write now no matter how I feel:\