Sunday, September 19, 2010

In Dublin's Fair City

People who make statements with fancy words just for the sake of it are annoying.
I hate it when people use my creations like they invented it.
And dont you tell me to move on.
I demand something magical to happen in the coming week.
Something that will change my life up side down.
Like a discovery or invention or I dont know...a new obsession.
Winter is around the corner. I demand Mr. Charming show up by next month which will give us around 40 days to get to know each other and be madly in love by December. We can break up in the mid of January which will give me roughly more than a week to heal by my birthday so I can party up a storm and start a brand new life:\

Its too late to turn it around.
I dont know why I take so long to decide. It takes me months to realize that I like [or hate] something and that sucks. But never mind that.
Salt is awesome. I dont know why people dont like it. I mean...whats there not to like?
Angeline Jolie - Gooed
Bam Bam Kick Blood - Gooed
Liev Schreiber - Goohooed
The whole thing is little far fetched alright but I think its way more believable than Avatar. Boohaha.
And the Expendables is pretty good too. I was really glad to watch these movies because its been a while since they made a good action flick that dint require any brain. Felt like the 90's when they used to make good stuff like Con Air and Face off and Speed and Predator....Then came Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. They've been focusing too much on story and depth lately. Which is OKAY as long as it doesnt put me to sleep.
And even though I've never really liked Sylvester Stallone I think Im coming around. So yea...Good stuff. Entertaining. Either that or I was really bored.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Im shallow by choice not birth. Just felt like mentioning it because of the...superficial crap Ive been writing about.


quartertoinsane said...

u actually believe sleepers are for real !!!

Roshni said...

expected more from the Expendables considering its mahoosive cast!

uzme said...