Thursday, September 30, 2010


Friends really suck at times.
think they know everything. Heres the thing. You dont.
And Im not talking about one particular person.
Okay I am, may be, but this applies to pretty much everyone I know.
Ajati hai apni stupid shallow suggestions le kar.
And the only reason I dont want to argue is that I dont want to make anyone cry and I dont want to tell whats going on with me.
Because you dont deserve to know.
No one does.
Kuttey kameney temporary face zits.
You never know when they come and leave.
"We all have issues but friends should be there to help each other instead of being rude"
Im not gona bother replying to that.
Because every time I need "help" no one is around.
I only have people around me when THEY need help.
And me being the regular, forgive me, chutia that I am, am happy to help.
And Im so glad that Im mean to these bitches when Im in a bad mood.
Dont regret a THING.
Im glad I avoid calls and msgs and refuse to help straight away without making up a reason.
And Im glad that Im rude cuz they would eat me alive.
Married cock sucking mullanies.
You dont want me refusing?
Then dont come around begging for help all the time.
I know...Im terrible.
Wana know why Im really pissed?
I cant tell.
Cuz thats how fucking deep my life is.

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