Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I sometimes read blogs other than mine. Rarely actually.
I almost never read a full post. Not that I have standards just...I lose interest.
Why do people write "sorry I haven't been blogging much lately but I promise I will blog more in near future" like they're writing the constitution and the lawless country is waiting for them to complete so life can continue?
I mean...Who cares?
Matlab...why do you think your blog is making a huge difference?
Its not.
Some random rants and opinions dont change shit.
I think the world already has enough opinions. Its the actions that we lack.
I dont mean to sound like a wise jack [or something whatever] but just...enough with the opinions.
I know I know...my blog is the same.
But here's the thing. I know.
Um...I think got lost with the logic somewhere in between but..
The point is...Not a single blog in the world is making any difference.
You see, people in charge do not spend their time reading blogs.
Just informing.
Political blogs annoy me.
Random blogs are lame.
My blog is stupid.
All blogs are cathartic.
But I like the funny.
We should have more funny stuff around.


Richa said...

I agree. I agree. I hate those 'I'm busy at work, will post more once I have time, cya' things in blogs all over the place. :x
And you know what's fun?
There are no comments on those. Heh.

Your blog, I like, though. It's fun to read. Don't go away due to work, please.

H.G said...

For most of the Bloggers, their blog is their life... When they aren't blogging, they aren't living...some logic there right? ;)
And Yeah thats LAME..!
I AGREE...( but i don't have to say it...Not that I have standards just..I mean...Who cares?Matlab...why do you think my comment is making a huge difference?Its not. I dont mean to sound like a wise jack [or something whatever] but just...enough with the opinions..) =P =P
(no offences) Go a lil easy on me..


Dee.Dee said...

I think people secretly care more about attempting to make a difference than actually making the difference.

Sometimes non-funny blogs become unintended comedy, if ya know what I mean :D.

uzme said...

I cant view your profile H.G. You're mocking me:O
But its funny=[

But Dee.Dee.
They're so annoying...phir maza nai ata na. The unintended comedy I always enjoy ^.^