Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mandatory Eid Post.

Eid sucked. I had fun but not like Eid fun...the kind of fun I have on Saturdays.
Anyway I find Eid depressing. Anyway, enough with that.
This Eid, pata nahi kiu, I started thinking about my future Eids.

You know Im like always complaining that my Eids suck because of the dysfunctional family and a number of other things. What I dont realize is that its going to get suck-ier. just wake up get dressed meet my khandan and hang out with my cousins and friends and order in and waste time and be lame while the older women in my family, and all the other families, work like idiots in the kitchen put on a smile and take all the criticism from the elders. And you know what....thats me in five years:\

Now, if and when I get married, Im gona have to like meet my susraal on Eid. I mean okay, I dont mind hugging and kissing on Eid anymore, I can do that. But whats with the responsibility?
I dont want to wake up seven in the morning, make "sheer khourma" and clean and dress up and meet people and then stay in the kitchen while keeping the smile intact and meet a zillion people and greet and serve and take all the criticism on food positively. I cant do that. I dont want to do that. I shouldn't have to. Kia batameezi hai. Eid sab ki hoti hai.

Now this is where hypocrisy jumps in. As much as I hate watching my mum and my mamis and chachies and phupos spending their time in the kitching making the perfect meal, I never really help. I dont want to. I dont like to work when Im all dolled up. Even when they ask me to [which they dont anymore] I just tell them Im dressed so I cant. And they smile and say "haan ap jao khelo" which is odd cuz meri "khelney" ki umar nai hai. But anyway, the point is, I dont want to be them. I dont want to get married. Shaadi is not my thing man. I dont mind the shaadi but the after shaadi shit is something Im not willing to put up with. I have "shaadi-shuda" friends alright, and people like expect them to do things. And nothing pisses me off more than expectations.
This is not fair.
Life is supposed to get better. But guess what.
This is as good as it gets <_<

Jack Nicholson was sooooe sexy in that movie, and every other movie that he did. Besides Othello. Why would he do that?


Amara said...

U can always tell people you're going to go study abroad, and then never come back *shrug*

Bea said...

LOL... u no wat the best part is when u cook with all your heart and then get the praise... have u ever seen a smile on a mother's face when her child is eating food cooked by her??
LOL honey times change.. but for now.. stick to the khel aao part.. =)

quartertoinsane said...

Eid mubarak to u too...

Amara said...

This person sounds like you XD