Monday, September 27, 2010

Come and blow me out my mind. But not you, dear Lyla.

I like cute people who are funny.
They're cute.
I want someone young and cute around me.
Between 14-18.
Aesey hi.
I miss being randomly close and stupid with someone.
Rida hoti thi but its been almost a years since she got married and its like blah bleh heh since then. We're both trying really hard...just not the same.
Do I sound gay?
I mean that is a very non-gay way.
But does it matter?
You dont even know me.
Nobody understands me=[
Din dhal jaye, haye
raat na jaye:\
I meant that in a very non-desperate sad insomniac way.
Ek tou ami ne tang kara hua hai.
Pata nai kia masla hai. She can be so childish.
Why dont I have a younger brother or a sister?
Oh yes, the sperm donor died.
Ajeeb lonely si hoon ek akeli annoyed si.
I seriously think Im bipolar.
Haina afu?
Kiss me, where your eye wont meet me ^.^
Ajeeb cheeky song hai.
Acha hai.
Also, I think this kid is stealing contents of my blog <_<
That is plagiarism you kuttey kameeney/kameeni.
Im too lazy to do anything about it.
But Im serious about the whole bipolar thing.
I get extrememly happy for no reason and then I get extremely depressed for no reason.
Ajeeb extreme moods in one day.
Im too much for myself=[
Meet me where your mind wont kiss me ^.^
Pagal happy loag.

P.S. Dont try to figure out the title. Just random sa hai. No hidden meaning.


Roshni said...

link to the kid whos stealing yur stuff? ...=o

Dee.Dee said...

I'm totally cute.
Working on the funny part.

Aw mayn I sound gay too.

uzme said...

Roshni...Im not sure yet. May its a coincidence that s/he write on the same topic next day I write something:\

Dee.Dee. I find you funny. Cute bhi ho. Haan. Perfect. But.
You're popular...I dont respond well to that=[

afefah said...

BI-POLAR yup thats u :P