Monday, September 6, 2010


Ooh...dont even look at me wrong when I come through the hood, aint nothing changed still holla at my homies...Oooh...oh baby cousin Ayesha right...shes 2.
She started talking. Well shes trying. So I was just hanging out with her the other day, teaching her names right...oh and she calls me uh-shmuh ^.^
Yea so I was all say "eyes" and she says "iecee" and I was all say "cheeks" and she says "teeshs" and then I was all say "lips" and she says "titss" and I was all :D

Yeaaaaaaaa...I still will kill...And I dont want nigga Mr. Native American, but I will if I got to kill.
I went out...maza aya.
I went shopping...maza aya.
I've been eating quite a lot lately...roz bahar ka something.
Maza to ara hai, but I feel like I dont have a soul o.O
Oh no...dont leave yet. Im not going to talk about that.

oh-Oh I got my very first official contract. I will be designing a software for my company ^.^
Oh my, Ima bee a professional software developer.
How fukin koOhl is THAT? :D
I feel so...Job-wali like.
ehe...just nice to have a job.
I will start my masters next year...and do my job. Hopefully get myself a laptop so I can write more and earn more. And have money and be rich with a lot of money. And then buy land and running businesses. And buy more land and expand business. And buy more land. And then become a land mafia. Okay no. No. Nai bhui. No. DO my Masters, earn, save money, do my Ph.D from somewhere super awesome and become a shrink Professional Psychologist ^.^

And then get married and die.
Whats the point?:\

Married people are so gay and caring and they think everyone else is stupid and love less and doesnt know shit about relationships n all [Rida, this has nothing to with you my sweetest love <3].
Haan, to married people are gay. I dont want to be one of them, but I do. But not for long. I wouldnt want my significant other doing nice, thoughtful things for me...cuz then I'll have to be nice too in return and do something equally nice and thoughtful. Which only makes me vomit. The cheesiest thing that Im willing to do is cook/bake. And that should be more than enough cuz Im totally awesome. So full of myself.

I wana buy a cellphone for my mum on Eid. Her present. She wanted to buy one but "I shop till I drop" so shes not buying one right now. So I thought I can buy one for her. Oh shes gona get sooo emotional and totally put up with my shit for the next two months to say the least.
But thats not why Im doing it. I comes with the package ayte. So yea, I get her a cellie and get me some lovin'....Mommy lovin'

P.S. I totally love buying things off of my credit card.
Im such a show off <_<
Aray, koi baat nai, abi naya naya haina. Theek hojaungi in a year or two.


Muhammad Aamir said...

yeayyy uve started corupting the kid already..
confused y u want t be a psycologist... u dont really like ppl anyways!!

uzme said...

I may not like people but I like the inner machinations of the complicated human mind...:S
I mean I find crazy people interesting and I will be able to cure without getting emotionally attached.
Wow...look at that. I typed.

Roshni said...

abhi naya naya hai...hahaha..
good stuff dude!