Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Awesome Future.

Its going to be a Muslim country that has separated from another country.
Its going to be very corrupted.
Its leader is going to be a thief.
There will be a civil war in that country.
As soon as the civil war breaks out, that country will be attacked by its neighboring country from which it has separated.
Soon the whole world will turn against it, blaming it for everything wrong in the world.
When that country has been raped repeatedly by every other country in the world, the other Muslims country will form a ghairat brigade, and start protesting.
All these Muslim countries will unite and ask all the other countries to stop.
There will then be two teams: Muslims countries against all the other countries.
It is then that the Third World War will begin.

Some shit predicted by a 19th century "wizard" who was put to death for predicting future. Have yet to find his name. Is it just me or the country sounds familiar?


Dee.Dee said...

Last line gave me chills down my spine. It felt good so I read it again and again and again.

uzme said...

Im like oh Kimosabe
your body is my hobby
We're freakin'this ain't cheatin'
as long as we dont tell nobody
Tell your girls you're leaving
I'll meet you in the lobby

pata nai=[

Dee.Dee said...

So I'm like Casanova
Lala supernova
we shaggin' this ain't discrimination
you can tell everybody
tell yo' boys we bustin'
I'll meet you in a hoody.


uzme said...

You're very entertaining.

Roshni said...

wowzers =o