Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I like eggs.

So Ive been checking out universities right...well...one actually...I dunno why I exaggerate.
Anyway...so i went to check it out and it was like Bad. I dont want to write the name cuz I dont want to label the student there but seriously...the students there suck. I mean the place is nice right...nice big entrance and park and big air conditioned classes but the students...uff.
And Im not even talking about appearance or whatever...just they were so...well...I dont know. They just dint look like they study...you know...their body language was so pathetic and all of them...and this is no exaggeration...ALL of them were talking about someone else being in a relationship. Seriously. Mutlab...kia?
Insan koi tameez ki baat hi karleta hai.
Pata nai whats wrong with everyone. Kin chakkaron ma lagey hua hain sab. Kisi ko kisi bhi cheez ka khayal hi nai hai. Guys want to get married to the prettiest girl, girls want to get married to the richest guy. Bus. Iskey baad to kuch hai hi nai kisi ki life mai. Mujhey nai samajh atey aaj kal ke bachey. Ajeeb superficial si life jee rai hain.
I dont care if I sound judgmental but the youth here seems to be lost.
Also, I like eggs, when made right of course. Dont you eeeee at that.


The Me. said...

Pagal hain sab. Sahi main.

Dee.Dee said...

I have to contemplate not having any children in the future cuz I don't trust this generation even though my parenting skills would've been kickass. So I've decided to keep lots of cats and dogs instead.

uzme said...