Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pani peena hai.

A lot has changed in the past twelve hours.
Did you know there is no 'e' after 'l' in twelve?:O
I dint.
Im going through the "almost 22 and still single" dilemma.
We all do.
So I suddenly have these "duur key rishta-daar" right.
Ek to ye pata nahi kaha se ajatey hain achanak se.
So yea. My people want me to meet them people.
And its O-Kay. I mean. Whats the worst that could happen, right?
I was totally prepared.
I dress up, go, meet, have some nice snacks, giggle, socialize, have ice cream on my way home, and say "Im not ready yet".
All cool, right?
Perfect plan.
But THEN I find out that everyone's ready and only waiting for me to approve or reject. batameezi hai?
Of course I cant just reject anyone like that. Its rude.
Who am I to reject anyone?
What if someone 'rejects' me? I'll burn that son of I dont want to say bitch cuz I think of mommies then:\
But yea.
Mujhe nai lena koi decision.
I should't have to say no.
They should know it.
McDonalds khana hai=[


quartertoinsane said...

speak for yourself abt da "almost 22 and still single" dilemma... m going thru the "almost 22 and havnt got a degree or bank balance dilemma"

n u could always flip a coin... or spin a top...

RidZ said...
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