Monday, October 25, 2010

Lonely fucker on the lose.

Im addicted to the thrill.
Its a dangerous love affair?
I have nothing to write.
Which indicates that I have a lot going on in my life.
Its something unpredictable, but in the end its right. Only it never ends.
Meri baatain samajh ati hain kisi ko?
Mujhey to nai ati.
I got 82% in Psychology.
I hope you had the time of your life.
Do you get labeled?
I get labeled a lot.
Uzma is rude. Uzma is a bitch. Uzma ka kisi se mizaaj nai milta, Uzma ko to kuch pasand hi nai hai, Uzma itni careless hai, itni emotionless hai, ajeeb hai, etc, etc.
What do you get labeled?
Do you get tired?
Do you get judged?
Why am I acting so gay?
I sound like "look at me I feel what no one has ever felt before which makes me different".
This isnt me.
Im just trying to genuinely feel something so I can blog because Im hating the last few posts.
Sab ko lagta hai I think Im very hot and Im waiting for a hotter prince charming.
Its irritating.
I dont want to talk about that.
I like old songs.
Im actually very lame.
Turn down the silence?
They wont.
Main wohi hoon moomin-e-mubtila:\
I dont like myself after midnight.


AbeerJ said...

but after midnight is the time to get highhhh! u can love the world and urself at that time :D besides. it is quite irritating to get labelled. just because sometimes a person doesnt feel it important to be a part of everything thats going on (because its usually so lame :P) doesnt mean that she thinks shes better than everyone else.. wow nice marks! i just took up psychology in A levels and i love it! :)

uzme said...

You're actually good at it.
I'd pay you ^.^

AbeerJ said...

hahahahha naww i can just relate!