Sunday, October 10, 2010

Princess Loserelle Annoyedebelle

Im just writing this post cuz I find the last post very annoying.
Not that I think all my other posts are not.
But anyway.
Ummm.....what do I hate?
I dont wana talk about hate.
Give peace a chance:\
Oh. Yeah.
Anum. My friend Anum right.
She was telling me about this dude who predicted future in the 19th century.
You know what...Ive told this story to two of my friends already so Im not as excited about it as I was yesterday.
uuh....what else.
Kuch bhi nai=[
Oh yea...Im trying to get a job at Oxford University Press.
Id like to work there...
Hey....My name's Uzma. Im studying Psychology, I kick ass, AND Im an edtor at OUP ^.^
Sounds cool, nai?
Ice I tell you.
But I doubt if I'll get in.
Anyway. Im bored.


Dee.Dee said...

Search your name on

[I tell everyone to do that]

uzme said...

I actually did.
Says "high maintenance" "pretty girl" "the one"
And I did yours too ^.^