Monday, October 18, 2010

yaYy itni saari cheez ^.^

Meri school friends intni loser hainaa. Well..not my "friends" exactly...just class fellows. But a friend too. They just had a reunion...on Saturday. Rida and I of course dint go because...well...we would rather poke our eyes at home. Anyway...guess where the reunion was?
Dolmen Mall.
No kidding.
One of my very old friends thinks that Im rude and I dont realize it when Im being rude and I should change and that I dont care about hurting people and just care about my own moods which is wrong and I should be more understanding and realize it when Im being rude. She cried 4 times because of me while I was busy laughing and bitching and getting pissed off because I thought she was making a big deal out of something really stupid and small [and I still believe it]. Turns out...that jackass is being a dick and giving her hard a time making her all cranky and emo. Its solved now. But I strongly feel that my point never got across and I ended up doing whatever I had to do to fix the situation and avoid confrontation, accepting every accusation. Do I sound like a...pata nai whatever fits here?

I just got myself lots of lays and coke and marshmallows and Indome and crackers. Im gona have it all in one go. Im a monster. A fat lonely monster.


Amara said...

Thats totally cute like a five year old ^-^. People with lays and marshmallows are NOT lonely. =O

Roshni said...

marshmellows here have gelatine in 'em...pork friggin' gelatine. shit.