Monday, October 11, 2010

You know I know how.

I had this really freaky dream last night.
You dont wana know?

You know Iroquois Indians thought the world was an island supported on a giant turtles back who was the master of all animals.
- Courtesy Poopipie.

I dont want to go to Karachi University - it sucks ass.
Im hungry.
This friend of mine wants to be a Chef.
How cool izzat?
If he becomes a chef for real Ima marry him.
I like Ice=[
Im telling my dream.
You know whats odd?
Never mind.

I was lost in this weird hidden society somewhere in the city.
And there were all these thugs. Like Somalian Pirates.
Look Im not a racist but they were all black, bald, dirty, and sweaty with lots of knives.
And they were somewhat like those cannibals from Hills have eyes. Only they were not cannibals and were sane crazy people with terrible teeth.
Anyway, so I had to like hide and find my way out and I manage to escape but they spot me.
And then Im out of that little weird secret place in the city but they were chasing me. And I had to hide cuz they were gona beat the shit out of me and stab me like they did this other girl:\
And they wont give up. They kept hunting me like an animal and I kept hiding and running. And then I got tired and had a friend of mine shoot me. And she did. But the bullet hit mt in the side of the neck. So I was still alive.
It sucked.
I was actually scared in the dream.
It really sucked.
My mum wants me to get off the pc.
My brother uses dirty hands on the mouse.
Its all sticky.
But Im used to it.
We're dirty people.
I shouldn't be complaining about public toilets.


Dee.Dee said...

Yeah dude don't go to Karachi University. I went to check it out last year - place has become mullah-nified.

uzme said...

You Read.
You Respond.
I have a crush on you.