Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So fly, like a G6?

1:00 p.m.

Me: I can hear Saman do work. Its making me nervous.

Danish: That's bugging you too?

Me: Yes.

2:15 p.m.

I do other people's homework for a living, expecting honesty and integrity from me would be a bit too naive

Me: Sometimes I feel like stretching till my arms detach from my body o.O
and my head rolls down

Danish: You're very creative u know that

Me: Yea I've been feeling like a loser lately

Danish: Join the club.
as an inauguration ceremony we like to sit and look at our feet for hours on end until one of us dies.

3:10 p.m.

Me: I can hear you work. You're working.

Danish: Nah....Im on msn. Will start work at 3:30.

Me: Oh...Okay.

4:00 p.m.

Danish: Every time I leave, I see you reading Dilbert and when I come back you have some pdf file open. Whats with that?

Me: Yea you distract me.

Danish: From work?

Me: From Dilbert.

I seriously wana quit.


Amara said...

Babysit? =P Dude go into editing instead of writing. WAYY better. And for the record: working at OUP sucks ass.

quartertoinsane said...

suicide bomber =P... i hear dey make gud money... almost a lifetimes worth...

The Me. said...


Danish said...

my advice: kill this guy danish; he is the reason your sense of denial is weakening... the sooner you kill him and dump his body in the river; the sooner you can get your sense of denial back

uzme said...

OUP sucks?
Oh no=[

Amara said...

Cousin worked there for a couple of months last year. Terrible experience. Maybe its subjective *shrug*

Dee.Dee said...

Host a cooking show on a new Youtube channel till a famous chef stumbles over it.