Saturday, October 23, 2010


Every time I trust someone, I end up getting in trouble.
Every time I believe some, I end up looking like an idiot.
I dont like confrontations.
I dont like keeping up with fools that Im related to.
I shouldn't have to explain the truth.
It is how it is.
I dont know why Im forced to talk to people and listen to their bullshit.
I dont understand why I have to be guilty for telling the truth and then apologize for telling the truth.
I dont understand how liars and back stabber end up coming out clean from fuck up while the other person who has nothing to do with the fuck up ends up looking like a fucking chutia.
I hate forced relations.
Relations I dint get to pick.
I shouldn't have to keep up with them.
Everyone is self centered self obsessed opportunist looking for an opportunity to benefit from every situation.
Give me a reason to not do the same.


quartertoinsane said...

adapt, improvise and relaaax....

Dee.Dee said...

I make comedy shows out of them in my head. I actually chuckle time to time.

uzme said...

its just not as funny when you directly get involved..