Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh Yeah.

Pata hai.
I quit my job today cuz meri jeans bhi sexy, mere baal bhi sexy, meri smile bhi sexy hai ^.^
I dint mean to sound cheap=[
But I really did quit.
Maza aya :D
It wasnt even half as bad as I though it would be.
And the best part ended well. No phadda or anything.
Im so happy=[
Tomorrow is another day.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
Saturday night I feel the air is getting hot:D
Waise winter is around the corner.
I know cuz I started getting the winter head ache. That frozen head ache. Where the blood in your veins is all frozen so they get really heavy.
Also, I have what they call a lazy eye, known as Amblyopia.
Mere new specs itney cool hain.
Ye foreign dudes itney loser kiu hotey hain becharey?
Ajeeb baatain kartey hain boring si.
Remember my London wala duur ka sudden cousin?
Usko to acha khana pakana bhi nai ata.
Bus normal sa pakata hai.
I want to marry a Chef=[
A friend of mine, who also happens to have the world's crunchiest voice, wants to go to a culinary school and I hope he does.
Once he's old enough...I can totally convince him to marry me.
Bechara distant sa hai.
He wont bother me much.

Im going through one of those rare phases when I dont want to stab my throat. And its not a dude. Its my career. I can just see it happen now that I know what I want to do and from where I want to do it. Its a good feeling.


quartertoinsane said...

hw old is dat frnd of urs again?

n does da feeling mean u'll stop writing?

uzme said...

hes 23
and..umm write blog?
No not giving that up:\