Monday, March 23, 2009

confessions (the ones noone gives a shit abt) Im nOT a good person....and im not just sayin it....and I know none of my friends will agree with this but its cuz I never tell them all the nasty shit that I do. Im mean and ignorant and selfish!!

I finally got my hands on the master print of Valkyrei....I had this faint voice telling me that its gona suck BUT i gnored and just to honor the memory of Hitler I saw it. (YES - Im a fan of Hitler but that doesnt mean i approve of the whole killing part) the voice was right!!
the movie SUCKED...okay it wasnt that bad...but i ws expecting it to be gooed!

I dunno WHY but i like getting rachael was a lil depressing but it managed to depress the shit outa me..

yeah that all i wana share ryte now.
Also I hate zardari!

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RidZ said...

Yes, you are not a good person but your acha wala side just overshadows all the evilness.

Enough said =P