Friday, March 6, 2009

Ocassionss - a reason for eveyrone to fuck around!

i HATE ocassions.....what the hell is everyone so happy abt?
dancing n shit...Fine do whtever u like with your shitty life but why do dey have to make it an xcuse to bug everyone else.....I DONT CARE IF YOUR 37 YR OLD SISTER IS GETIN MARRIED TO A CRIPPLE......I WANA FUKING SLEEP....cuz unlike you lame shits i have to wake up 6:30 in the fucking turn down those pathetic indian songs n shut the fuck up!!

And im sick of eveyrone telling me how *weird* n *different* I am......faaack YOU!
Im are...the whole world is crazy...with their stupid crazy ideas...every single one of them specialy designed to piss me off!!

I dont evn know why im pisd...i jus am. I dont wana be the stupid president...i jus Dont! I dont like all the atention....and i dont wana give the stupid test.....or the stupid assignment.....give me a fucking break stupid fucked up world!!!!