Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it such a crime to ask for quality education?

..if so...then YES im a criminal!! lol...
but seriously...Teachers shud KNOW how to freakin teach! All they do is come in to themselves abt sumthing Assuming evryone knows what theyre talkin abt and leave! WTF?
Now i have to tutor myself for the stupid IT shit...I have no idea whats goin on in the class and the teacher wont help....i ask soooo many other teachers can only dream abt me askin em a question! I mean c'mon man!!
If YOu dont know whow to teach - DONT!!
Its not MY job to teach myself....THATs why i joined the friggin institute....if i were that freakin intelligent i wudnt pay the shit fees now wud I? Now i have to spend extra time on the stupid IT crap WHICH wudnt hav been necessary IF the teacher did her friggin job ryte!!