Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Im giving away too much with this post...:s

So im finally sick of being misunderstood. Not misunderstood in the whole emo *noone understands me and my issues* buh more like *damn...thats not what i meant bych* kind of a way. Im used to Im confused why do i give a shit Now? Well....its annoying...there shud be ATLEAST ONE person alive who knows....I mean.....I SAY I MEAN ALOT AND IT PISSES ME OFF!!

I cooked and lets just say....Ive made better stuff.

*Im a firestarter - A keen instigator*

The latter part is true....I often instigate something and end up getin bored or irritated because of it..I start converstaions abt stff I dont wana talk about and when the other person develops ineterest i get pisd and tell em off...Yes thats what I do.

I dont express my annoyance as much as I used to. I think ive matured:$
*I hate this part ryte here...

I have soo much goin thru my head...ITNA SARA reality check that I wud like to give but I dont...sometimes I dont give a shit...and when I do I jus like the person too much to hurt.
*I hate this part ryte here...

I do so many things I dont wana do...I dont have to do...but I do them just to make sure if I really dont want it.
*I hate this part ryte here...

I miss people I shudnt miss...The ones Im suposed to hate...The ones who are politically incorrect to miss.
*and I hate this part ryte here...


Wijdan said...

sometimes I think people just do it on purpose. act like complete assholes because they're just used to not being nice. and eventually they do it so much, that they forget they're doing it on purpose and think its how they are. or something.

but usually when I take different meanings of what people say, its usually very retarded and perverted meanings and the people either laugh their asses off, or they slap me out of sheer annoyance. =D

like "kya scene hai?"

"tum muro to scene hi scene hai"


uzme said...

No they ACTUALLY dont understand...or maybe they dont wana.
I think they just too convinced what they percieve is correct that they reject all other possibilities.
Or may JUST MAYBE im expressing myself wrong...

Wijdan said...

or yeah that might be it =P