Sunday, March 29, 2009


OH crap I had to reply *nenu*...:$:$
so yeah Im having a lame-boring-annoying sunday. Moms being paranoid again. She too is a kinds of Mrs. SEEMIN. Its funny how we have her kind of people all around us. The kind of people who have the legal authority to screw you up and if you complain the only one in trouble is gona be you so you jus have to keep up with their shit cuz theres not much you can do about it...

puck puck puck puckaaaaaaaa!!

*Yeh keh ker Gul Khan ney lerkion per truck charha diaa..
"Bachna aey haseenon lo main agaya"....*


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RidZ said...

Reply? Why?

I <3 you =D