Saturday, March 7, 2009

Its time for humans to stop breeding!!!!

Every second person is such a cunniving bych! Like EVRYONE!!!
The only thing we getin better at is backstabbing and if THIS is what we progres in...I think its time to STOP progressing....extinction is the answer to all our problems...why wont anyone listen to me?=(

My head is gona burst ANY freaking moment.
I HATE Mrs. SEEMi!! Shes a bad BAD teacher....she cant teach and its time everyone admited that! I hate taking her class...its so fucking depressing...reminds me of my fathers funeral....I cant stay I cant leave...Jus stuck....hollow and alone....and the fault is my own and the fault is my own=(.....but ITS NOT!!!!:@:@

And the lame IT teacher has bene flirting with this maila dude in our WTF? I dont pay to see all that ugly nonsense!!

I hate being so helpless...why shud I have to put up with this crap? Why am I so sick of everyone? Why is everyone around me so out going?
I HATE GETING OUT OF THE HOUSE...actualy i hate everything.
Why is it never bad enough? Why does it always have to get worse?
why oh WHYY?