Sunday, March 8, 2009

I jus wana post sumthing..

My neighbors kids......they are sooo ANNOYING!!! All they doo is play giggle n scream. Keep ur kids to yourself!! and the youngest one....Dua...shes like 3 i think...but she has the ability to annoy of a 60 yr old cripple!!
All she does is say in her squeky voice *aunteee dajaa kholaainn naaa* thats *aunty darwaza kholain* in human. I dont want u in the house kid...GET THE HINT! Thers a reason i ignore your presence n turn up the volume when u whine at the door!
Anyway...i 2 days back i was was a brownie fudge cake.....<3
Of all the people i know...i bake the best honestly=D