Saturday, March 28, 2009

Har cheez *Meezan* main achi lagti hai! - thanku wijdan for the corection=p

There seems to be a Shakespeare in all of us. Everyone's trying to be different....WHY? I dont get it. Whats wrong with being *normal*...I dont think Im going anywhere with this.
So ANYWAY....I like totally passed the stupid test today....for the very FIRST time....and i dint jus pass...I totally nailed the shit, got 19 on 20, compared to the 4 on 35 I got the last time, its pretty AWSOME!!

*shakes her booty*

I dont hate Sherry Rehman anymore....Her personal character is none of my concern...But she seems to be quite resposible with her job n shit.
I dont write anymore.....I hate how everything on this blog is about *me* and how everything *I* like and hate. Im so self absorbed.

Mrs. SEEMIN actually liked my report on meditation...I got a 5 on 10 on that which ws the second highest int the class....the highest being 5.5...the girl got the extra *.5* for writing a
So yeah....she admitted that she liked my report BUT still she gave only 50%....which shows how hard she tries to maintain the quality of her hypothetical standards (which she obviously doesnt have)....And it was supposed the be the individual's personal experience and *I* think its very rude of a teacher to rate someones personal experience...noone ACTUALLY performed the act but thats another issue.

I feel indifferent again.

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Wijdan said...

its not kisan! it's meezan! =D

har cheez meezan main, achi lagti hai!

i'm getting bored of blogging! I don't have much left to blog about!