Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stupid evil people piss me off!

Know what sucks?
know what else sucks?
Mrs. seemi...but shes an eternal sucker so ima leave her alone.
Back to blogging....I dont like it. Yet I read alota blogs and write on my blog....why? BECAUSE (when the sun shines we'll shine together - DAMN THAT SONG...i cant say *because* wihtout singing now....good rihana got it from Chris brown dat lil skank!!) anyway....writing is much better than living things ofcrse...especially the ones who can communicate....cuz then u have to keep up with their stupid opinions....I dint ask for it now did? BUT you jus assume that MAYBE uzma wants to know my opinion so im jus gona go ahead share my life wiht her!!
Paris Hilton is a bych....whatever....
that reminds me....wassup with these lil byches goin around sayin *what-ever-major-loser* doin that weird thing with their they hold up their 3 fingrs in the air and rotate it in the initials of the phrase *what-ever major loser* a W-E-M and then doin the *L* they jus discovrd some fancy scientific shit...pretending that its the smartist thing to do and oh how HOT they look doing it.
like W-T-F?
whats the logic?
whats the point of saying it out loud and then also talking in sign language?
How stupid can a person be?
Guess what these initials G0-F-Your-Self stand for??
yeah thats right....DIE!!