Thursday, March 26, 2009

twit wit twit

I feel smart after a long time. I actually understood the whole shit that ws goin on in my IT class. Mariam cracked some real dirty jokes and I think the guys heard 'em but they were decent enough to not comment on it. I actually had to tell her off.....FINE I was the one to instigate the porno joke but it was suposed to be a one time thing...but she went on n on...It wasnt evn ws like

mariam : whats with this ali thing?
(we were making a program and we took *ali* as the client name)

me : this isnt the ali program you doin...

mariam: then?

me : we doin the next *aslam* program

mariam: then who is ali?

me : its the guy you did before...

mariam: HEY what the hell do you mean I only did one guy - owais!!
(thats the name of her husband - yeah she married)

...and then she wudnt stop with the cheap jokes!! She really ticked me off today. SO did Mrs. Seemin.....her name is actually she sucks!! I hate hate her..shes the WORST teacher Ive ever had!!!
This is what she sounds like :

*tee wee wee weet tweet weet nee nee no no weet BUT bla bla some shit twit twit twit*

and Im NOT exaggerating....!!
BUT dont let the cuteness of the above mentioned demonstration fool you....shes a wicked fucked up woman taking all her shit out on the students who have to keep up with her *chey pey* because shes the head of our psychology department and she can screw us up pretty well in the practicals cuz the external jus so happens to be her buddy. This is shit.....

bohat naa insaafi hai" - these words never made sense before...and now that they do have a meaning ....the humor in it is lost.


Dee.Dee said...

LOL, lovin' your posts.

uzme said...

thanx love=)

Wijdan said...

"her name is actually SEEMIN"


Dee.Dee is my sister =O

Dee.Dee said...

you're my brother =O

uzme said...


Im glad I cud host a family reunion for you guys:p