Sunday, March 29, 2009

I wana Bych Slap my neighbour's kid! there used to be these family moms actually....they got a lil tooo friendly. The uncle was sort of a....what shud I a *baba* sort...but not the typical one. He could read minds that much Im sure of cuz he read mine once...well...almost. Being a psychology student, Id rather call him an illagal psychiatrist performing hypnotism on people without their permission and influencing their behavior. Khair...He sent his son's proposal for me....I refused cuz he's too young...he's exactly my age maybe a year older....and short......and we are NOT a match. Its like...he's a steak and Im chocklate...we're both good....jus not together. I refused.

NOW after a year turns out he actually held a grudge against us...He did some shit on my mom n shes been havin troubles.....and some shit on me cuz Ive been quite unhealthy for a while. That is according to my mom of course. She thinks Ive *shrunk* since Im all skinny and dont put on weight. I dont believe this shit but her source is good but like whatever. And ever IF he did something....Im glad that he did.....I <3 my body and the last thing I want is to put on more weight!! I eat all I want wihtout having to worry about the consequences. So this post it dedicated to Uncle Haider for blessing me with such a miracle.

Thank YOU uncle haider - YOU ROCK=D

*edited - stupid net ws byching!*


¤Ü•B¤ said...

steak is waisey tasty :D !!

anyways try giving a sadka... kalay chanay lay ker 3/4 kg ... cook it aur kisi ghareeb ko khila doh ... ya second option is chanay ki daal key saath same kero !!

¤Ü•B¤ said...

waisey if u are free read this:

its logical reason of what it happens... islamic point of view sey !!

uglyduckling91 said...

Is he your neighbour's kid?!

I like choklate more. ;D



uzme said...

@ U.B...yeah I love staek too<3
and I dont want no sadka man...Im glad for whtever he did....I really dont wana put on weight=D

@ duckie....yeah I like chocklate too..hehe..and eyah I'll tell him the next time we meet:p
And NO hes not my neighbors kid.

¤Ü•B¤ said...

lolz... larkiii itna geniuine mashwara dia tha :p !!

Wijdan said...

"Its like...he's a steak and Im chocklate...we're both good....jus not together."

LOL. i love that! =D

RidZ said...

I want steak =(

And I never liked Uncle Haider. Loser sala =(

uzme said...

@ U.B - thankyou for the mashwara - much appriciated:p

@ Wijdan...I ws gona write Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Avril Lavigne but I dint wana sound like I think me to be so hot=D

@ <3 Rida.