Thursday, December 3, 2009

Candida Blues

I was up till 4 am reading this kind of stuff...

Eugene : "I go about in search of love and find it in unmeasured stores in the bosom of others. But when I try to ask for it, this horrible shyness strangles me; and I stand dumb, or worse than dumb, saying meaningless things: foolish lies. And I see the affection I am longing for given to dogs and cats and pet birds because they come and ask for it. It must be asked for: it is like a ghost; it cannot speak until it is first spoken to. All the love in the world is longing to speak; only it dare not, because it is shy! Shy! Shy! That is the worlds tragedy."

"...It is one of amused tolerance most of the time, but she has a deep understanding of his craving for love and great respect for his feelings. She is not prudish enough to be harsh with the young boy for revealing his passion for her. Her unshakable loyalty to James will prevent her from ever exceeding the limit with Eugene..."

And I still have to critically analyze the characters and justify their respective decisions and critically appreciate the shit.
This is not happening!

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