Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Journey - From Jolie to Lilo.

Its an allergy reaction. To what I dont know. But its pretty bad. Can barely open my eyes. Took the pic in the morning. Its much worse now. Worse enough to make everyone go all "Hhaaawwee....".
Err...Yes...thank you for the motivation everyone.
I mean...I wouldnt go to a cancer patient and go all "haaaawwee...."...the person is already fucked up alryte....gaaah..
I dont want to lose my vision....:(
I hate how my blog is all about me and how pathetic Im feeling but
I love my eyes...*sniff*....Dont take my vision...take my sense of smell...or ability to walk...or auditory sensation....just not my eyes...[or hands]....*waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan*...please...:( EEG report came today....its just as lame as EEG itself. I mean I was actually looking forward to getting it done ya oh how cool it would be they'll record my brain activity and how eveyr part of my brain responds...but it was so lame I ended up taking a nap. The guy kept telling me to relax n breathe.
SO yes...the report says hyperactivity n shit but normal. And theres a lil note in the end sayin "This does NOT rule out epilepsy"
I dont like this!


RidZ said...

Okay so when you sent me a text saying 'I dont wanna lose my vision' I thought it's another of your eyes acting up thingy, but this seems umm, bad.Yeah. Ice laga

mao said...

Poor you! You remind me of my younger sister. She goes through one health crisis after the other. Get well soon.

uglyduckling91 said...

Wink! :(

uzme said...