Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More on me....cuz I cant get over myself.

This one is just an extension of the last post since I got distracted by that lil future skank.
Yes Ive been talking about myself a lot lately...dont take me wrong...but I really just cant get over myself. As much as I hate to admit.
Ek to bhook lagjati after every hour...gekhh.
So Ive been getting all that extra unwanted attention since yesterday ryte..
I was just getting ready for my IT class...and my mum goes all..

"Kahan jarai ho?"

Me : "class.."

Mum : "kiu?"

Me : "Test hai.."

Mum : "Khana kha kar jao.."

Me : "its 2:40...3 bje class hai maa.."

Mum : "main nai janay derai phir.."

Me : *swallows some leftover*

Mum : "paani le lia?"

Me : "jee"

Mum : "main bhi chalty hoon.."

Me : "nai..."

Mum : "Acha main pick karney ao gi. Call karna ja ker.."

Me : "ta-tah Maa! "

An hour later I get her text...

Mum : "Uzma are you okay?"

Me : "hahah...Yes Im alive.."

Mum : "Shut up kuke (cookie)"

Me : "lunch mai kia hai..?"

Mum : "Mera kaleja (liver)"

Me : "nai khana.."

Mum : "As you wish"

Me : "Im done with my test. Ap pick karne kab ayengi?"

Mum : "Mainey luch karlia ap khud ajao.."

Me : "lol...okay"

Mum : "Sorry.."

Me : "Its okay Ammi jaan!"

I know I know. Cute.
And after going to the doctor I found out why shes being so emo.
What happened yesterday wasnt just a syncope...It was an epileptic fit.
EEG tomorrow.


uglyduckling91 said...

I can't get over you either. *wink*

mao said...

your mom is adorable! Yeah the shakes sounded like an eplisepsy fit....dude, you didn't know you were epileptic? It would be good for you to wear something around your neck (like information that you are epileptic and what your seizures do) because if you pass out somewhere, people should know what to do.

Don't ever go swimming alone or without a lifeguard. People with epilepsy drown if they have a seizure during swimming and if somebody doesn't fish them out.

Ally said...

Feels good to be pampered.

s3ayA said...


On the bright side... now...u can get away with anything...

uzme said...

@ i had no idea..:\

@ Ally...yeah=D

@ s3aya...yes I can..I think i can get used to being epileptic=D

@ dabby...<3

RidZ said...

You be the next Socrate

mao said... I'm sure you've wikipedia-ed yourself to your ears by caused by too much information comiing in and your brain not being able to process a nutshell. Your brain kind of shuts down...which looks on the outside like a seizure...or like in the olden days: jinn taree ho gya hai.

I know about this because of a epilepsy attack on a friend during computer class when we were around 15. Thats kind of why I know. Also, living in the states, there is an actual society that creates awareness that epileptic attacks can occur during driving and swimming. Definitely don't overload yourself with texting and driving. Don't go swimming alone. Let your friends and family know what they need to do when you are having attack. That is move away and let the seizure run its course. Unless of course if you are drowning. Or driving. In case of driving, someone should take over the wheels.

Baki of course Allah ke haath mein hai.

mao said...

Don't worry otherwise. Epilepsy is not such a big deal.

Elly said...

Btw, I am your follower :p
One with a big yellow dead face in a box.

Elly said...

Ally is now Elly.

uzme said...

@ for the info. I was actually having trouble explaining it to people...I take the whole..."when the brain's nerve cells misfire and generate a sudden, uncontrolled surge of electrical activity" way...its annoying...>_>

@ Elly...I be honored!

@ weedu....YES:D