Friday, December 4, 2009

Why Im so full of shit...

I went to college today after a long time to collect my notes and books and syllabus. The not-so-long-lost hatred in me was excavated by these moronic ardent naive admirers of regular bullshit.

: "OhmyGosh! that guy is sooooo cuute!"

Bitch : "no way hes ugly."

Skank : "yeah he looks a little sick but I love him.."

Space waster : "hehehehhehehe"

Skank : "Have you seen this movie [they were talking about 21]...these MIT students they like start gambling cuz theyre like so good at math.."

Bitch : "But... how..?"

Skank : "Theyre really good at math I mean c'mon theyre MIT students..."

Bitch : "What does MIT stand for..?"

Skank : "uh...I dont know..."

Space waster : "hehehehe"

Bitch : "You like edward cullins?"

Skank : " waaye!"

....and just last year these brainless goo bags were all gaga over twilight.
And then you ask me why I dont socialize.
puff ponytails [or 'p-hugga' to quote mariam] bana kar they think themselves to be Tesla and Jolie ka offspring...stupid bitches!
Gawd I just wana slap their guts out!
Those idiot!
What the hell is wrong with our generation?
Absolutely no sense of anything. Second hand information per itna attitude! Like....dude....ugh...
arrrggghhhhhh!!! the way...heres a pic of a p-hugga:


mao said...

I would love to know what the heck is a p-hugger. Just wondering.

Nothingman said...

Edward dies in the last book.

you can tell that to your friends next time they bug you ;)


uzme said...

Theyre NOT my friends....:O