Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pedo from the Hood.

Somethings up with my head. I mean...having weird dreams about your ex's current love interest is one thing....but having a dream of a pedophile form your childhood is just disturbing.
There used to be this man where I live...He was someones driver. He looked something like Chuck Norris, only his beard was pimp black and he was whiter and healthier. looked more like Liev Schreiber. I'll photoshop.
Anyway...My school van driver used to tell me to get down 15 minutes early (I know...what a jerk). And I was the only kid studying in afternoon so I had to wait for the van all alone. So this bastard used to stand there staring at me for fifteen whole minutes!
And I wasnt even that attractive back then...I must be 13-14 something....we're talking a straight highway road here with absolutely no turns. I tried hiding behind a tree, car, pillar nothing worked. He would just stand ryte in front of me and stare.

Now there are kinds of stares...First you have the harmless innocent kind. You know the young ones who are new to puberty and are fascinated by round objects. They just have a "wow look at that, I wish I could touch it" in their heads. Theyre just curious. All you have to do is give them a hard long stare and they'll hide behind tree.
Then you have the mature uncles staring at you with a big *sigh* wishing they had a younger wife....They're a little annoying and sometimes sick.
Then you have The stare...the kind which makes you want to self combust. The one that makes you wish you were never born. These people are usually raping you in their heads n jacking it leaving you with nausea for the next three days.
Thats the kind of stare I had to deal with.
But of course, I dint know all this back then....I was just scared cuz i thought he was going to kidnap me and put me in the acid drum (Remember Javed Iqbal?). I even cried once. It wasnt till I turned 16 that I realized that all he wanted to do was rape me.
I havent been this scared of a person my whole life (besides Arif phupa...hes like fat and bald and short....I almost blurt my lungs out with the salaam every time he comes in front of me).

So yes...I had a dream that HE was Mariams new driver...:\
Oh Mariam finally has a new driver *yaYy*..
Damn Mariam, GET OUT OF MY HEAD MAN!! This is Gay.
See too busy with your cousins aren't you? Look whats happening to me.

Okay I just realized I dont have photoshop so I had to edit in paint.
If you see this man around throw rocks/bikes/anything pointy and heavy at him!

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*Shreya* said...

can i just LMAO??????? :D