Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life khappay, still.

Mariam [my partner in crime friend who is just as lifeless] and I had decided on Sunday that we would start studying on Tuesday. After Midnight. Technically Wednesday. But it seems like we wont be having our exams before February. So we're talkin massive waste of time, only this time, no remorse.
Shes been like my boy friend for the past 4 days. I spend like 4-8 hours chatting with her. I feel so gay. [Not that I dont enjoy and appreciate it=p]
I wanted to write something about the blast n shit but then again...whats the point?
We all knew it was gona happen. Also I lost interest.
Just being honest.
So lets get down to things that dont matter at all but I like to mention them anyway, because I can.

Issues of the Day :

Why do girls think that they're not going to look like a slut if they just look away and pretend that they are completely unaware of the fact that a person [whom they begged for hours to take their picture because they look so divine so they can upload them on fb and compete in the 'I am skank-ier than you are' competition] is standing ryte in front of them with a god damn camera?
Just look in the God damn camera, bitch?
What exactly are you trying to prove?
That youre so gorgeous that everyone wants to take your picture and save the moment of your awesomness forever? Is that what you have in mind? You think that we dont knwo that you know someones taking your pic?
What the Fuck, I ask you?

Also, whats with the peace/rock/victory sign?

Is that supposed to be cool?

Also, why do people like the song fireflies by Owl city?

A fox trot above my head
A sock hop beneath my bed

A disco ball is just hanging by a thread

Please explain?
Was he high on bullshit when he wrote it?
I cant believe they're actually playing it on the radio.

I....need a hobby [read life].


s3ayA said...

two things...

1. its a spawn... devils head, nt a victory/etc/etc/etc sign

2. its really z a nice song... it doesnt matter if he was high

uzme said...

1. Still doesnt make it cool

2. Youre one of them.

Anonymous said...

I never bothered listening to this bullshit. And now I read the lyrics. Holy fuck. Hahahaahahaha! Wth?

uzme said...

Thank you!