Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ho ho hoe!

Are you ready?
Ready for the drama?
the depression?
the wailing?
the exaggeration?

Cuz I most certainly am Not!

Why do we have to ridicule ourselves like this every year?
I dont get the mindset of the people involved in it.
I just dont get it.
Never will.
I have issues with Muharram.

Also. There's this new text roaming around that youre not supposed to wish people Merry Christmas cuz the term itself has something to do with God begetting Christ or something.
Everyone who bothered forwarding this text, a Big Fuck You to YOU!
Bloody Bird Brains.
THIS is why we suck.
Before you froward such hateful racist messages please bother searching a little about it?
Go google the etymology of "Merry Christmas"
I live in the country of the Pious Chosen Idiots.
You're all out there to piss me off innit?

1 comment:

s3ayA said...

hey chill girl... i'll tell u something a learned... break da chain