Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My version of Paradise Lost.

I tried to study and ended up writing this.
Now I expect you to follow some rules here..

1. If you like it leave an awesome comment, if you dont, fuck off, please.

2. I do not, I repeat, do NOT, entertain criticism.

3. Dont judge me.

Happy Reading!

Epic Shit.

Both the foolish sisters were cursed,
In their land disgrace dispersed
All the foolish men and sows,
scared away the baby boars.
Then the foolish men were sent
By their sows to search their boars,
Not once they thought of their king
Or that their kingdom might extinct.
They walked out of Holy Land,
Making castles out of dry sand.

The lousy sows now felt ignored
And were running out of hoard,
They wanted what the sisters had
In cahoots, they all went mad;
The king was easy to deceive,
He lynched the sisters just to cease
the madness in his kingdom,
He had but no wisdom.
The sows then outsmarting the king,
impaled his old wrinkled skin,
they then bathed in his dreary blood
Eating his flesh like royal pud.

But when the foolish men returned,
they were startled, they were stunned
They threatened to leave their Holy Land,
this time never to return again.
The sows then swore upon their boars
They will never again be coarse,
but they had something else in mind
And took their foolish men to unwind.

The foolish men were killed in sleep,
Their flesh the sows happily reaped,
a few days later, the sows wanted more,
ogling with love their baby boars.
They couldn't hunt, they couldn't run,
SO they drank their juicy sons.