Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Needles. Because theyre pointy.

*Thinking of something funny to write*

*thinks harder*

*scratches chin*

*pushes specs back up on the nose*

*gives up*

I have issues with needles.
Ive never taken an injection. Malaria, typhoid, measles, chicken pox....NEVER.
Im not scared of the dark or lizards or crocodiles or heights or snakes...but I have issues with people inserting a needle in me....and short, fat, bald, mean looking men. They kind of freak me out.
Also I would like to take this opportunity to tell you tht my IT teacher is not hot. I just said I have a 'thing' for him and the rest were all assumptions. Hes a geek and a nerd. And apparently that seems to be my thing:\
Thank you.
Sorry you had to click all the way to my blog to read this useless, unfunny, unintellectual piece of crap. My sincere apologies.
Good night.


The Me. said...

Cockroaches scare me shitless. Needles, im always fine with. I had to get an injection in my neck a few months back. =\

Yours blogs awesome. I love it =D

Ali said...

Me too.. i am not letting any one insert a needle into me till i am dead.

uzme said...

I love You The Me...Youre awesome tooo=D

uglyduckling91 said...

Main bhool gya kya kaihna tha. :[
*wipes nose*

uzme said...

Its okay.
I understand=(

Fashion Police said...

haha it was entertaining nonetheless :)