Saturday, December 12, 2009


Im hungry.
Terrible headache.
Ever had a thing for headaches?
[Eliminate all logics here.]
Like sometimes you get one...and its like your temporal lobe...but you want it to be more intense?
Like if the pain reaches a certain state [like that of saturation] it will become a tranquilizer?
And then you go in a trance and just want to feel every single neuron signaling the pain?
*moving back n forth*
*still moving back n forth*

Tomorrow my friends in-laws are throwing a huge lunch and I have to be there for her. My mum doesnt know Im going to the parlor with her before the thing. She wont allow of course.
I dont wana fuck anything up for her. Shes depending on me.
I dont like responsibilities=(
What if I pass out again..?
Cuz I kind of do every time Im in a crowd.
Kiaw yaar...
I feel nauseous now.


mao said...

I hate whiny posts. Eat food and stop passing out.

mao said...

headaches might be caffine withdrawals

uzme said...

lol....Yes ma'am..=(