Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dont leave me High... Ive done some pretty stupid shit...but this ones really...umm..okay not that surprising. But yeah...I was just going through my last years political science notes...actually I wasnt reading the notes...I just like going through my stuff cuz I always write/draw some sick shit in between. Its very entertaining. yeah and there was stapler in my hand...and I dont know what happened...I was just like playing with click click like I always do...and I kind of stapled my finger...and it hurts!

[Avoid the mehendi!]
It was worse than that time I got my neck stuck between a hanger..:\
Now now....dont be judging me....Im not as immature as I sound here. Just...I get carried away with objects...they interest me....a lot.

And this is what I was reading :

"I shall kill you and you shall die and be dead till morning when I shall kill you again and you shall suffer and live through the pain before you die each death. I shall resuscitate you for my pleasure and I shall continue the process till I am satisfied and it wont be soon. Once is not enough."

Funny yeah..? I cant even remember who I wrote it for. I must've been really pissed.
Anyway, seen Joshua...? the 2007 flick about this sick kid?
Its awesome.


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RidZ said...

You scare me at times, not cuz you're a creep with all the pretty but cuz I don't want to visit you in an asylum when we're 60 or may be even 50. You wouldn't want to baby sit my kids there now would you?

uzme said...

I wouldnt...

*Shreya* said...


Carl Marx is VAAAAAAAAAAry boring!

I'v stapled my finger too, but minus the stapler pins :/