Saturday, November 7, 2009


I scarcely mean what I say. Okay? Stop believing me. About time...-.-
Just cuz I dont listen doesnt mean I dont care.
And just cuz I listen doesnt mean I do.

Anyway. I hate waking up. Waking up sucks, all you sunshine loving butterflies!
Yeah alryte its a new day...of course its a new you idiot. But its the same life you wake up to. It starts from right where you left it. Continuation of a lame soap and it just wont end. Well okay never mind that. We're all used to that. But the purpose of this post is just to prove that my mornings suck more than yours because somehow it will make me feel better or superior or so I think or some bullshit like that. Actually no. I just wana whine about how my ears hurt when I wake up so I was trying to build a plot here cuz you know I cant just go ahead type "oh my ears hurt when I wake up cuz they so damn small and cute"...naah...too obvious. Stupid freak.

I was reading about the medicine the doc gave me cuz I have so much of time to waste...and one of em is for asthma. I knew there was something wrong with my slow heart beat in the morning...I doubt if that has anything to do with it...err...lets start over?

Seen paranormal activity? Well..Its not as bad as it appears to be for the first 45 minutes. Just tolerate it for a while and it actually turns out to be pretty alryte. I mean I almost got scared. Thats huge. By the end of the movie I was actually exited. Loved the ending. You may not like the movie but its alryte. I dint feel stupid after watching it. Also I think scary movies are a turn on for me...:\


brok3n said...

paranormal actvity was so lame...I guess good in a way that I watched it til the end thinking to myself "ok sumin might happen now...maybe there's a good jumpy scene coming up" ................nothing! =0

Bush. said...

Keep the nights for waking up and day for sleeping. It's the shit! You get a lot of stuff done without interference.

uzme said...

@ one liked it...Dunno why I did...:(

@ Bush...Yes...from today!

brok3n said...

I was just disappoined it wasn't scary at all....that's all =(