Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I was just searching for my books ryte...cuz its 17th already I just have a month to study.
Anyway, so I came accross this wishlist Shyan made back in 2006 and its funny. So here it is.

WishList 2006 :


* Have a super sexy body [and shes almost there. Lost around 30 kg - No joke]
* Flawless skin [Fail.]
* Be a good kisser [Dont ask!]
* Super successful [Cant say now. Still time.]
* Go out on a date with Christiano Ronaldo [Ronaldo is no more loved by her.]

Urooj :

* Have a smart bosom n butt [Hell yeah she does!]
* Be a psychiatrist [On her way to be one.]
* Mathew Lantern. [Grew out of it.]
* Kill Amy Gonzalves [Our school principal. Long story.]
* Die peacefully.

Uzma :

* World Peace [hehe...yea still want it!]
* Put all the assholes in a torture cell and not let them die. [:\]
* Be able to pull my insides out without feeling a thing. [:\]
* Be dead already. [:\]

Fucked up, ryte? And I was 17 back then.


Note: said...

Lol i LOVE your blog. Its fun! =]

uzme said...

awwwn thank you=D