Friday, November 27, 2009

*making weird faces*

I was just ironing my brothers shalwar kurta for tomorrow...Its chand raat and my mum goes all bonkers....cuz everything has to be perfect cuz Obama will be coming over for breakfast and Queen Elizabeth for lunch yea...gekh.. I was ironing his clothes and dude...thats a lot of cloth!
Khatam hi nai hora tha was like 12 meters or something....took me forever. And my brother isnt even fat or anything...Hes rather slim.
Is it just me or was inventing 'shalwar' a really bad idea?
Itna kapra waste hota hai...I mean...its so uncomfortable...walking around with all that extra cloth in front of batameezi hai?
I can make my peace with kurta...but shalwars are just fucked up!

I dont know WHY everytime my mum walks in the room something shitty starts playing...Like last night she came and suddenly rape me came up in the goes something like
Rape me, rape me my friend
Rape me, rape me again...
And my mum was all "Ye kia behuda ganay sunti rehti ho..?"
and I was all.."umm...nai to..."
That was actually embarrassing.

And tomorrow, we walk out, in shambles.


Note: said...

LOL. How true about the shalwars! said...

that is soo i hate ironing their shalwars its annoying :@ and to top it off they are extreemly long said...

i miised out the word true..:P