Friday, November 13, 2009

she sharp!

I was just making notes the other day...solving questions from past papers...Whenever dealing with something like this I always reverse the order....I work on the last question first....cuz I can never get myself to solve the first one...its..umm...psychological. Anyway, so the question was something on social psychology.."Something something....also discuss the primary effect and regency effect on information formation."
So Im all..."...yeah okay primary effect the Ebbinghaus thingie...what the fuck is regency effect? We havent done that...or have we..? No I dont think we have...that Semen dint teach us shit....GAWD she regent is like the substitute king dude so regency effect would be that of a substitute or something like that *insert lots of illogical visual thinking here*....but this doesnt make any sense...aaaaarrgghhhh I HATE HER. SHES THE WORST TEACHER EVER. Im soo gona fail. I dont know anything. I suck. She sucks more. Ugh!!!"
And then I took a three day break from when I read the question again yesterday I think...maybe its a misprint...its probably the recency effect theyre talking about...and it was the recency effect they were talking about, my love...

Its not the first time Ive blamed someone else for a mistake completely mine. But Ive learned to forgive myself. Because myself is who I have to live with. Deep. And its working out great so far. You just have to admit the fact that youre just like everyone else, give in, and let your unconscious build the armour. But. This isnt what I had in mind...=O

Need. Magnum.

Also we started C# today [and this dude kept lisping saying 'she sharp' instead of 'C sharp']...finally something easy. Something I actually understand. Visual studio is so much better than netbeans and textpad...I love you visual studio. You make me feel not stupid. Youre my crush of the day. Oh and my new teach has done something in artificial intelligence...I wish I had listened but I was too busy playing spider solitaire:\
...but I think Im gona like this dude!

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