Sunday, November 22, 2009


Ever wake up feeling like a total and, if I may say..?
Like youve been fooled...first by someone else and then unconsciously by yourself, cuz you couldnt possibly in your good conscience accept the fact that youre a foolish person?
Like youre caught in a conflict between your Id and ego cuz your super-ego is busy masturbating so you subconsiously indulge in some useless activity inspite of having the option of doing something productive, something that you should be doing not because you 'have to' but because the moment requires it for your own good, but you dont - because you can.
Did I lose you there?
Start over?


Ever had an encounter with the Inshallah-Mashallah-Clan? [IMC]
Well, if youre living in Pakistan you probably have. The country is full of them. So is it just me or are they really annoying?
Like the kind who are unable to form sentences without using atleast one of the following :

* Inshallah
* Mashallah
* Alhamdulillah
* Astagfirullah

And its not these terms that annoy me...its the context in which they are used. And the way they are used. And how theyre used when theyre not required. Like the speaker is this sacred divine God's personal assistant or something. I mean...c'mon man...Im not all in-your-face with my beliefs now am I?
Just keep it to yourself....Your fake show of piousness doesnt impress me nor does it make you any superior.

What the fuck am I doing?
Im supposed to be studying.
Next month exams hain and Im not prepared....and whos responsible? The government? IMC? Meera? Unconscious? Kaun? Stupid bitch. Fail hojao gi phir youre gona sit with this sorry ass of yours and blog emo pretending you dint deserve it. Go study bhenchod ye kia stupid blog kar key cool banrai ho..? Nobody cares okay..? Just fuck off. Go study!


mia said...

procrastination has many names...
sometimes it is one of life's
biggest highs - putting off what
needs to be done.

Ali said...

'Nobody cares okay..? Just fuck off. Go study!'


uzme said...


brok3n said...

lol you tell off yourself?..thats new =p
study good dude!

uzme said...

just cant stand myself at time...=\