Friday, November 6, 2009

Need. Eat.

My winter playlist :

* With or without you - U2
* Fix you - Coldplay
* Mad world - Gary Jules
* Njosnavelin - Sigur Ros o.O
* Hurt - Jhonny Cash
* Thankyou - Dido
* In the air - Phil Collin
* Losing my religion - REM
* Sadness - Enigma
* O mio babbino caro - Joshua Bell
* Useless - Depache mode

I know. Gay. Shut up.
I hate reading between the lines and indirect communication. Its confusing. Youre left on your own, all alone, to figure everything out and doesnt matter if you get it wrong cuz theres no one to correct you. Its your perception and your perception alone. And then you perceives more than you should. And the shits. Blah.
Project. Have to study. Stupid...:O

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