Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ladies, Gentlemen, and Homosexuals,
I am proud to announce that last night I pulled my first Half All-Nighter of the year..
Thank you, thank you, please sit down, thank you.
Also, you will be happy to know it was surprisingly quite pleasant. I had a ball studying and eating cheese pop corns [to which I added extra butter - which by the way is going straight to my ass] and big apple. Yes. I completed both the chapters on social psychology which covers 25% of my psychology course and 5% of my complete syllabus.
Thank you so much...I couldnt have done it without your support. Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank my brother for hogging the pc and being so dominating and sarcastic and pretending I do not exist everytime I asked him to get off the pc and mum for asking me to do annoying lil chores leaving me no choice but to take refuge in the drawing room with my books.
*wipes nose*
And tonight I shall pull a Full All-Nighter all the way till 7 a.m.....wait...no..cant...have to go to college tomorrow. But I shall tomorrow night, Even till we make the main and th'aerial blue an indistinct regard! O, let the heavens give me defese against the elements for I am spoil'd, undone by villains, helpless, a slave to Master Pleasure and Mistress Temptation. O, give me strength to bind with briars, my vain desires, and I shall succeed with my only retinue being my subtle intelligence and take over it, before it takes over me!
I now bid thee farewell my sweet loves.

I can be such a dramaqueen at times..
Runs in the family.


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