Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brain freeze.

Ever been to one of those....umm..things...where some mullah tries to explain how bad you are at being a muslim and uses every possible example to make you feel guilty about being able to eat three times a day...?
Yea I think its a bad idea to use loud speakers in such a gathering for the following reasons: know that I miss you, I just wana kiss you
but I cant ryte now so baby kiss me through the phone;
Ye kia ajeeb ganay banatey hain loag?

Anyway....umm no I dont mean no disrespect..just my friend came so its 2 hours later now...:\
Who the fuck am I justifying this to..?

So yes for the following reasons:

* The preachers are often hypocrites [and sometimes pedophiles].

* It pisses off the 'unholy non-believers' and Uzma.

* By the end of it the speaker starts dramatising the whole thing and starts a very weird way....basically just howling....making everything rather ridiculous, giving everyone else a chance to make fun of them.

* People outside your lil gathering dont want to listen to you. So they usually just close their doors n windows and turn up the volume of their tv sets/mp3/or just their own voice in vain and end up cursing - because you, sirre, are giving them a headache. Hence, disrespecting religion.

Ive never been to one of them but I still know what goes on there...Know why? Go on...take a wild guess..

Like whatever you want alryte...'its a free country.' I dont have no issues with you people discussing religion. Just try not to bug the shit out of everyone else. And this goes for weddings too [No Im not comparing holy sermons with unholy music]. Im in no mood to go into details right now...but loud speakers should be banned. Or only allowed in non-residential areas. You know Im right!


Wijdan said...

Jiyay Altaf!

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uglyduckling91 said...

The song is GOOD acha naw! :(

brok3n said...

a khutbah? Halaqa? ....either ways..I kind of understand what you're saying.... I guess you can always confront the maulv =/