Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cuz Im a creep and not a cool one.

Sir dard hora hai....bohat bura the diencephalon to be precise.
Just...okay..Im sorry everyone for being so bitchy.
Im sorry kainat for being so ignorant and never visiting you and leaving early every time that I do.
Im sorry sania for ignoring your messages...I do that a lot. Often ignore your calls when you need help. And Im sorry for all the other bitchiness. Sorry I wont be able to help you out with your assignment but I have to study for my exams and your shit is tiring.
I wana have an orange.
Sorry mom for never getting anything right and always doing everything so wrong. I dont mean to.
And sorry apia for that. Sorry for making you feel so shitty. Sorry I told mom. I just dint think it would turn out the way it did.
Mujhey aam khana hai.
Sorry afu, sumera, mariam (khan), urooj, Ms. Sumaya, khizer, arsalan, hajira for not replying just cuz I dint feel like it. Actually this one is for everyone. Sorry everyone.
And sorry Mohsina. Really am.
And sorry papa for not coming to wish you in the morning and then not having dinner with you cuz I was too busy watching some stupid shit.
And Im sorry for ignoring you so much creepy bald dude. You just freak me out.
And Im sorry you weird lady form my class for never letting you sit next to me.
Im sorry for absolutely hating the "eid mubarak" routine and avoiding it.
Im sorry I made you cry faizan but youre an asshole and totally deserved it.
Sorry urooj I made you cry in 9th grade. And sorry Shyan for ignoring your calls and you.
I know Im terrible.
Sorry wijdan for....I dont know...whatever shit.
And a huge sorry to myself for landing myself in situations so awkward all the time.
No matter how ignorant I am all this lil stuff just really bothers me at the end of the day.


Also, sorry God for my partial apostasy.

*Please avoid this one, dont ask me questions, and move on. Thank you.


RidZ said...

My name isn't there. So should that make me happy?

Who's Faizan?

uzme said...

I jus dont feel the need to explain my bitchness to yeah happy:p

and that dude who ditched me n mariam during our project.

Mariam said...

I can't see my name-is that supposed to be good? haha I'm really confused NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr or am I supposed to apologize to you for something? =/

afefah said...

most ppl write apoligies before commiting suicide :p

Mariam said...

So true my friend :P
Why hasn't uzma commented yet? ignoring eh? <_<

uzme said...

lol...err...its a lil late to reply now i think..:\